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A pair of eagles I saw while crafting the Ugly Stick April 12 2014

We craft & Sell Newfoundland Ugly Sticks

View From Joey's Lookout - Gambo April 10 2014
View from Joey's lookout on the Trans Canada Highway near Gambo Newfoundland April 10 2014

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Shakespeare Ugly Stick Fishing Rods

Local weather,  Daily  pictures, & videos for Traytown, NL 

Little Known Newfoundland Fact

Strange - Weird - Odd - Canadian Laws

Book - Caring for YOUR Newfoundland dog

All of our crafts are made here in Traytown  and  

Glovertown, from local resources, 

How to play the ugly stick videos.

How to make the ugly stick videos.

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Welcome To Ugly Sticks Are I

Situated in beautiful and scenic Traytown, 

Newfoundland, we offer YOU the Newfoundland Ugly Stick, Models of the Banks Dory, and 

Novelties like Miniature Snowshoes and the  Killick (home made anchor). 

Anyone wanting Newfoundland products we will do special orders, we will try our best to fill any request at cost + 15% -  S&H excluded. Email YOUR request

We are also associated with and and its Disney characters store  Please browse around!    -   Our S&H Policy

WINNER Of FREE UGLY STICK 2013 WAS - Lynette Hayward - Byrd from NS.  See details on the winner and the 2014 Newfoundland Ugly Stick  Draw

Ugly Stick Outing Nov, 2013

Gathering sticks and wood to craft killick, dories and snowshoes, getting ready for Disney characters  items.

More Ugly Stick Outing Pictures (opens New Window)

Two foot high ugly sticks like those on YOUR right are available. Cost including S&H example, Shipped to: 

Example One:

3-12 10TH AVE W

And Example Two:


$45.00 Total - 

Email YOUR postal code for quote.

A percentage of all sales by Ugly Sticks Are I will be donated to Janeway children's hospital. Last Donation


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Mummers and Ugly Sticks go together like music and dancing. Below is three 2' Ugly Sticks recently crafted.

Todd, Tracy and Tammy the Newfoundland UGLY STICK triplets from Torbay, Newfoundland

Hear The Distinctive Sound Of The Newfoundland Ugly Stick Being Played