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Mummer's Parade
Mummers Festival
Mummers Prefer The Ugly Stick
Handcrafted Newfoundlad Killick
Model Dorys
Ugly Stick Workshop
Mummers Workshop
A pair of eagles I saw while crafting the Ugly Stick April 12 2014
Bald Eagle on the ice in Glovertown, Newfoundland.

Handcrafted Newfoundland Ugly Sticks

Maisie the Ugly Stick from 
Mount Pearl

Rainbow Hope

the Ugly Stick

From Hampden


Frannie the Ugly Stick from Fortune


Olga from 

Ochre Pit Cove

Olive from

Outer Cove


Helen from 

Harbour Le Cou

Hairy Anna from Port Union, Newfoundland

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Welcome To Ugly Sticks

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Image: North Atlantic In Winter  (click to enlarge)
Light House In Greenspond Newfoundland  

Music & Books

  • Little Known Newfoundland Fact
  • Strange - Weird - Odd - Canadian Laws
  • Book - Caring for YOUR Newfoundland dog



The Mummer Tradition In Newfoundland

  • Mummers and Ugly Sticks go together like music and dancing.

Free Ugly Stick Draw

See details on the winner and details of the 2015 Newfoundland Ugly Stick  Draw 

Sorry - Ugly Sticks Sold Out Till After Christmas Season.

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